Perfect Electrical Rail Gaps -- FOREVER!

-- Eliminate derailments

-- Perfect alignment FOREVER!

-- Great appearance

-- Simple to install

-- Proudly made in the USA

The Gapmaster is a patent-pending, finest-quality engineered composite that allows you to create perfect electrical gaps on your trackwork while eliminating any possibility of derailments or misalignment forever.  Simply solder your rails down to it and cut electrical gaps in the rails afterward.  Gapmasters are made to perfectly match flextrack and handlaid ties in many scales and gauges.

MODULAR RAILROADING APPLICATION:   Many NTRAK and Free-Mo modelers are using the Gapmaster (GM008, GM007) in place of the last 4 ties, at their module interfaces.  In this way, they have a more rigid substrate for their rails that is less prone to handling damage!  This is being done for On30 modules as well.


GM017 has 6foot 6inch ties for compatibility with handlaid track and PSC Top-Track (shown)

The Gapmaster is available in a wide array of sizes to match exact dimensions (including thickness) of handlaid track ties and commercial flextrack

Gapmaster is simple to install.  Gapmaster is solder-plated and professionally made in the USA to exacting standards from the highest quality materials for ease of installation.

The Gapmaster is reasonably priced :

          1-24 units, $2.50 each, any scale/gauge, mix and match

          25-99 units, $2.25 each, any scale/gauge, mix and match

          100+ units, $2.00 each, any scale/gauge, mix and match

Shipping and Handling is a flat $5 fee in the 48 contiguous United States and $10 to anywhere in Canada, regardless of order size.   Overseas shipping is available for a reasonable rate.  We accept cheque, money order or PayPal.